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I am re-doing our blog. Good things come to those who wait.... give me through the weekend..... and I will have a cute blog and I will catch you up on our family. I have a lot to share!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How We Met

I want to start off by saying I am so excited about OUR blog! Since it is about the BOTH of us I am going to catch you up on the last few years of our lives together. I hope you enjoy!

Eric was at Faulkner University and he was going to take a class over the summer of 2005 that involved being a Youth Minister Intern for the summer. He would have to keep a log of everything he planned and did with the kids and turn it in for class credit. Well, he knew the minister at the Gulf Shores congregation and then boom their he was... THE INTERN FOR WHAT WAS SUPPOSED to be the summer. Before he came the ministers wife, whom we will call S.J. said, "Haley I'm going to set you up on a date". I told her no thanks and that I just wasn't in the "mood" to date (not in the mood meant I had way too much going on). Then she described him and I was kinda interested but still too busy. But out of curiosity I asked what his name was and she said, "Eric, he is the new Youth Minister that will be here next week." I told her never mind and that I did not want her help. lol Actually, I think my words were something to the effect of COUNT ME OUT! lol How odd would it be to go on a date with the youth minister..... About a week later I saw this really cute guy walking the halls and talking to everyone..... WOW WAS HE GOOD LOOKING! Then S.J. Introduced us and it was then that I realized that this was "the guy". I tried to get him out of my mind but a few days later I caught myself thinking of crazy reasons why I could call him. I kept telling myself that he didn't know anyone and I could just invite him over to eat with our family (after all I did have two younger siblings that he would need to get to know) but I could never find the right way or time to call until my Graduation Get Together. My parents had rented a dinner and dolphin cruise boat for my family and friends (I think it was like 60 people). So it hit me that day that S.J. would be coming to the event so I called her and said, "Eric is new and all and I thought it would be nice if you guys brought him with you. It would be nice if he could meet some of the people from church and it would give him something to do." Well, guess what he showed up. He brought David Turner with him. David had been in town to visit him from Prattville. I spoke to him a little but I was nervous for some reason (this was not like me). After the gathering all I could do was think about graduation and about how I had invited him and didn't even talk to him that much. WAY TO GO HALEY! But to my surprise on Sunday he invited me to go to lunch with him on Wednesday...... I saw him everyday for 2 weeks straight.... HE DIDN'T KNOW HIS WAY AROUND TOWN AND I NEEDED TO SHOW HIM! lol So he would call and need directions to get guitar strings and other odd things (anyone who knows me knows that i cant give directions so...) I would just go with him. S.J. would also invite the two of us places with them as well...... THINGS WERE GREAT! I had never had this much fun in my life! He is also part of the reason that I am a Christian! So....... 5 months later we were engaged (Eric proposed while we were on the beach listening to "OUR SONG"). Yes, he can be romantic if he wants to! And 5 months after that we were hearing wedding bells (yes we had only known each other a total of ten months when we were married on March 4, 2006). But I say why wait, when you know you know! We were not blinded by love, we are deeply in love! Oh yeah...... during the time of all of this Eric had been asked at the end of the summer if he would stay and be full time! This was exciting! He would get to stay and I would not have to move north (just yet). This was Great! The kids and the church really needed him! So everything worked out really well! I worked and went to school and he worked and went to school!


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