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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

March 4, 2006


We had a great time but when it was over I was happy to say, "I'm glad we will only have to do that once!" We had a true ALABAMA wedding! Our colors were crimson and white, the Groom's cake was in the shape of "the Alabama A", and we walked down the isle as husband and wife to Rascal Flatts (a country song)! How great is that! I had some of my best friends from high school by my side and I could not have done it without them! Eric had his brother, brother-in-law (whom was not actually at the wedding, he got sick! Really sick!), and Eric's Two best friends (David Turner-His best friend form the Youth Group and K.P.- His best friend from High School). My Dad and my Step-dad walked me down the isle (they both had such a big part in my life that I could not imagine having to choose)! My mom and my step-mom helped me decide on things for the wedding and they were both their to give me advice! The reception was at the community center and it was wonderful! Eric played the guitar and sang me the first song he ever played me at camp (it was of course a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw song) and then he had surprised my Dad by playing Butterfly kisses while my dad and I danced! Then we were off to Gatlinburg! We had so much fun that week! We went Skiing and to the aquarium! Then for our first week home married we were sick..... we caught the bug that the Simmons' family so graciously brought to the wedding with them. Most everyone who came remembers that darn bug! But We had fun.... and it was memorable for everyone!


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