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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Move

Eric had gotten a few calls from some people at Prattvile wanting him to put his name in for the Youth Minister job at The Prattville Church of Christ. He thought about it and we said no. Then we thought about it more and I cried the whole time..... so we said no. Then we talked about the possibilities and Eric had told me about his dream. He said when I decided to becaome a Youth Minsiter I always dreamed about hopfully being good enough to come and work at Prattville. He said, " I know I wont get the job but can I please just put in for it. We will have nothing to worry about. I really want it but I wont get it." So i said, "Ok." So he did and the day he told me that he applied my heart sank..... I was not ready to move away from my family and the Gulf Shores Church that had always been so good to us! Then a few weeks later my husband told me that "WE" had made it past the first round. The first round of what I asked? Applicants at Prattville. So this went on for a little while (them sending stuff to fill out and Eric making through to the next step) until we had a date to come and try out! AAAHHHHHH! talk about nerve racking! And my husband left out the part about how I had to sit in on the question and answer session from the parents and kids as well as form the search commitee..... complete shock! I was so not prepared! I just had to do the best I could! Then we heard the news..... ERIC GOT THE JOB! Ok so now we were wondering what in the world do we do now? We talked and prayed about it alot! And we decided that if Eric got the job then it was meant to be! God wanted us in Prattville. Even so breaking the news was hard! We loved our church family there so much! And we will never forget "OUR" first group of kids!


Blogger Jenny said...

These have been fun to read! We're SO glad y'all are at Prattville! Have a great day! We have a family website at:

January 17, 2008 at 7:59 AM  

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