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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cute kids.....

Everyday when I get to work I check my email and look at everyones blogs to see if anyone posted anything the night before.... and I read all the new ones and then I check it again before I leave for lunch and then before I leave in the evening... I think I am addicted to this thing.... Thanks Jenny and Nancy... :) I dont know who all read it but its fun...... anyways on to the cute kids.......
Everyday I look at The Maddox Family blog and I check out Ian and Noah..... these kids are so cute..... Jenny takes the best pics of them...... and recently my sister-in-law started a blog and it has this pic on it of our Neice Helen.....this "red headed fireball" (as Kristy calls her) is so darn cute.... I just cant get enough of her BIG eyes and her CUTE smile! We were so lucky to be able to drive to Birmingham for her Birthday(thats when this pic was taken) when she turned 1! Her "Party Dress" was adorable..... and she wore her "Party Hat" so well..... When I look at this picture I see nothing but Cuteness......

Then their is Nathan.... our nephew....... He is past the "cute" phase and now that he is 2 1/2 for a boy I think we should say handsome..... but whenever I see this picture it alway makes me laugh........ and think....... thats a cute kid......

The picture to the left is my dear sweet Maggie... She is so cute! From a baby until now (1st grade) she is still the one that is close to my heart..... she lives with my Step-Mom and Dad and she will grow up as my sister (even though she knows were really aren't) and she will always have a special place in Mine and Erics heart..... She is a great kid..... even though she can be a little sassy and picky about her clothes...... but what little girl isn't.... she still minds well and loves everyone! She is shy in the begining but when she gets to know you she never stops.... ask Eric..... she didnt talk to him for a long time.... she refered to him as "HIM" as she pointed his way..... and would always say can you tell she pointed in his direction clung to my leg as though she though he would take her away forever...... but now she loves him and can't get enough of him.... she came and stayed a week with us during the summer and she had a blast... since i had to work she stayed with Eric during the day.... she even went on an overnight trip to GA with him....... I LOVE YOU MAGGS!


Blogger BrianKristyHelen said...

That redheaded one really is cute! :D Thanks for thinking of her!

February 15, 2008 at 1:28 PM  
Blogger Nancy Hood said...

I look at your page every day to see what's new :) and I, too, am addicted to this!!! I love finding things, graphics, blinkies, to add to mine ha ha Have a great weekend, you beautiful girl!

February 15, 2008 at 8:41 PM  

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