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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WOW! I want to start off by saying that we all had a BLAST and we owe it to Matt Griffies! He planned our get-a-way and we all really enjoyed it! I think it was much needed among the Young Adult group. We were able to spend much needed time together growing in the faith as well as just goofing off and getting to know each other better. Saturday morning most of us ate breakfast together.... since we had to wait an hour on our food we had time to "Chit-Chat" as Katie G. would say. Then we heard a Great lesson by Lonnie Jones and we enjoyed singing together..... after this we had free time and Matt had planned games for us to do on the beach. Then later we went to eat and we had another lesson and singing..... that night we had a group devo. and the next morning we got up for Worship and then we packed our bags....... hey Matt checkout is at 11 am right? lol (only the ones that attended would get this small but very funny joke). We hope to make this a yearly event....... as well as add others to the calendar so that we can all enjoy being with each other!

In the picture below we had to put on the rubber gloves, unwrap bubble gum (that was hard as a rock) and blow a bubble.... then pass the gloves along.....In the photo to the left Katie is trying to find the balls and put them in her bucket.... since she is blind folded she has to listen to her team mates to find them. The first team to have every member complete this task wins! I thought it would be easy but with everyone screaming (on both teams) it gets a little CRAZY..... lol

In the photo to the right Matt is finishing that darn banana! Each team had to have someone put it under their arms and hop on one leg down and back and and have 2 people throw it back and forth and so on..... then the last person had to eat it.... and the sand that was stuck to it!

The photo below was taken after we had shuved a pack of noodles in each persons head.... we had to race to see who could finish the pack the fastest (and you could only put them in one by one)..... Sorry Laura I was brutal with the noodles!
To the right is a picture of Eric and David Turner. Each team had to divide up into 2's and they had to make it down the beach and back withouth dropping the balloon....

Below is a picture of The Group!
A few of us went to play put-put.......We ALL had a great time!

Thanks Matt & Katie!


Blogger Jenny said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!

February 13, 2008 at 3:40 PM  

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