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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tornado.... hits Prattville

We went to eat yesterday after Church and then we went home to watch the news. We were supposed to have volleyball practice at the PCA gym but Rusty Adair thought that it was a good idea to call it off and it was a good thing....... about 2:30 Eric and I started to watch the news and about 2:45 we were in the closet..... we listed as the rain and wind got harder and harder..... and then nothing..... complete silence until all of the sudden the sound of a train coming through our town......... it roared in and left everything in its path damaged. We were lucky we only lost power, cable and phone...... others were not so lucky. We got a call from Matt and Katie. They said that his parents neighborhood had been hit by the storm. After that our phones wouldnt work..... so we got in our car and went toward Lynne and Alan's house..... as we got to Sheila rd the police officers had it blocked off. Eric told the officer that he was a minister had had several families that lived in this neighborhood..... they told us that they could not let cars through because the roads were blocked but that we could park our car and walk..... so we did. Not 20 minutes after this storm came through we took off on foot to check on the ones we loved. After running in the rain we got to Griffies and they were ok.... they were shaken up but they were ok. Their yard and cars were severly damaged and their roof will need some work but they were ok.... not long later Matt and Katie showed up as well as the Missildine's. So we left on foot to go and check on other families..... It was weird their would be patch of homes gone and then their would be homes that were just fine...... we checked on several homes and talked to lots of people (some we knew and some we had just met). Then we heard that the Huggins were damaged and we headed that way. When we got thier we saw that their cars, roof and windows were damaged. They were picking up thier belongings (than once were kept in a storage bulding intheir yard) out of their neighbors yard.... after this we got a ride to the Manleys.... it had begun to get dark and you could see that thier roof was gone.... but when you stepped into the front door you realized that that they were missing much more....... you could see right through to the neighbors home.... most of their walls had fallen and some were gone. We all helped them pack what was left..... they didnt have much. While my heart had been broken for these people all day, when we got to the Manleys.... I was devestated for them.... I too know how this can feel. I lived in Orange Beach alabama when hurrican Ivan came through and damaged our home...... I saw neighbors whose homes had been flooded and I remember the cleeanup and all the damage that we had..... but we still had a home.... no matter how many times I have seen it in my community or when we did disaster relief work after hurricane katrina..... you never get used to it..... it always breaks my heart..... I woke up this morning trying to remember yesterday like I was trying to piece together a dream....... Please pray for all these affected and lend a helping had to those that you know have been affected. you dont know how much a helping hand, a warm lunch or simply an "I love you and we are glad that you are safe" means to a person who is in need of comfort in this time of tragedy. Below are a few pictures that someone took of Prattville Christian Academy here in Prattville. As you look at this just remember that this was a school and a gym..... but that several others lost their homes and all that they had. (I will try to get other pictures and post them soon).


Blogger Nancy Hood said...

Over here on the west side of town, all was quiet. I couldn't believe the pictures already online at What devastation! We are so thankful that there no fatalities! Homes can be mended and as of today, that had already begun.

February 18, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

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