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Monday, March 10, 2008

Recap of last week!

Monday- I was off work because the doctor I work for was on his honeymoon! YAY! So I painted our bedroom...... It was long over due! And we had a volleyball game. Eric and I play Church League Volleyball and our team has improved so much from last year.
Tuesday was our anniversary and we spent the day together (it just happen to be on our off day). We slept in a little bit and then we ate breakfast together. After that I went to the spa to get a manicure and pedicure (2 hours of total pampering and relaxation). Then Eric and I both went back to the spa that afternoon for our couples massages!!!! It has been so long since we have had a massage..... it felt so good! Then we went home to get ready and we went to eat at Olive Garden and we went to the movies.
Wednesday- I worked and went to Church. After that a group of the Young Adults went to eat!
Thursday- We had a volleyball game and we did not do so well. We WON, but we still played pretty bad the first game....... Not like ourselves at all.
Friday- I helped my dear friend Katie get a few last minute things organized for a yard sale that Matt had planned. The we played Wii until midnight! I love our Wii nights with the Griffies'!
Saturday- I was back at Katies by 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the yard sale! It snowed on the way over their.... so that was nice to see. And Saturday afternoon I got a saltwater aquarium! I have always wanted one of these and now I have one! Katie is friends with Greg who owned Petsville and he was at the yard sale to visit..... so he got me a tank and then when the yard sale was over he went with us to WetPets in Montgomery and he showed me all of the things I would need to start a tank. I got a cleaner shrimp and a seahorse. However, I can not put my seahorse in my tank for a few weeks because Seahorses are a little temperamental and they need an established tank to live in so Katie is Seahorse sitting for a few weeks. Katie also got a seahorse, she watch this one for over an hour before she got him. She also bought a horseshoe crab (she needed a sand sifter to keep her sand mixed up and the horseshoe crab is way more active than a star fish) and a grandaddy long leg crab (we forget what the real name is but this crab looks just like a grandaddy long leg in water and his purpose is to eat all the bristle worms in her tank). We were so excited. We (Matt, Katie, Eric and I) set my tank up as soon as we got home so that we could put my shrimp in it. Katie took the rest of the sea creatures to her house.

We also had a bonfire devotional on Saturday. I love these devos because they are so much fun. The Brashers cook hot dogs and hamburgers to eat and then we had smores by the fire! What a Saturday!!!!!
Sunday- I went back to Church at 4 p.m. to watch our girls practice for lads to leaders and they were great! Speeches, song leading and scripture reading were all amazing! Then after church we had hot dogs at our house for a few people and we played the new Wii game, Super Smash Brothers Brawl. We had lots of fun! Sorry I did not post last weekend it was just a crazy week.


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